Federation Statement: July 25, 2019

The Board of the Jewish Federation of Central New York unequivocally condemns the most recent outbursts of racial rhetoric voiced by those at the highest levels of our government.   While we may disagree with disparate points of view on various issues, what makes us truly great as a country and as Americans, is our celebration and exercise of freedom of speech and civil discourse.  For our leaders to defend or justify their racist talking points on the basis of someone’s ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or ancestral background or tolerate racist and xenophobic chants at political rallies undermines the very foundation and core values that make our country great.  As Jews, we are all too familiar with this sort of dangerous rhetoric and the heinous damage left in its wake.  We look to our leaders to unite rather than incite and divide us.  Political differences can never be a basis for abandoning our core values of respect and dignity of humankind.  As Americans, we have the right and the duty to speak out against all forms of hatred and bigotry; to do otherwise is to be complicit.