Hiring and retention of Nursing Home workers and other assisted living communities is a challenge faced in the majority of the country.  Smaller organizations with budgetary constraints have a hard time keeping up with wage increases compared to larger ones, and minimum wage laws have made the pool of workers available from which to draw.

Modern Healthcare News, a leader in healthcare news, reported in January 2019 some retention strategies taken by organizations like nursing homes.   They include offering the most rewarding work environment possible with focus on aligned visions, values, and positive relationships.  Nursing homes with the most updated equipment and supplies can improve worker efficiency and care quality and have a wide reaching impact on positive attitudes for those providing the vital services to patients.

The Jewish Home of Central New York has received a donation of $41,800 from a local benefactor.  The money will be used for the purchase of various medical equipment and patient aid items, with a goal of improving the work environment for the staff, and making daily tasks a bit easier.

In addition to purchasing new items and upgrading current ones, and staff programs for personal growth in the area of health and fitness will be explored.  The use of the donation in its entirety is not exact at the moment, and more funds are possible in the future to further enhance the effort to make improvements at Menorah Park.

The donors stated the respect and admiration of leadership as well as employees at Menorah Park for its dedication, kindness to others, and excellent follow through on communication and other projects.  The donors expressed the organization’s high level of care and respect for others, while maintaining a commitment to acquiring grants and funding for continuing needs.

The organization is well run by a team of competent, resourceful, and professional people, and donors felt comfortable giving the donation without specific purpose.  They trust the leadership to use the funds at its discretion for needs, while maintaining an open line of communication for its ultimate use.

The high level of responsiveness ensures the funds will help continue the delivery of excellent service to patients, and have a lasting impact, while making some routine tasks more manageable.