Response to Movement for Black Lives Platform 

There were a number of virulently anti-Israel elements in a platform issued by the Movement for Black Lives on August 2, 2016. This is a coalition representing more than 50 groups from around the country, including the Black Lives Matter Network.

Their platform includes provisions that demonize Israel, erroneously equating the experience of African-Americans with Palestinians and asserting that Israel is guilty of committing “genocide”.

The Jewish Federation of CNY will not align itself with organizations that falsely and maliciously malign and defame Israel.  We reject any platform that attempts to isolate and delegitimize the State of Israel singularly amongst the nations of the world.  

We are dismayed by the acceptance of a platform that vilifies Israel, diverting attention from urgent, unresolved problems that African-Americans and other people of color continue to face in the U.S.  The American Jewish community has a strong tradition of commitment to social and racial equality and we will continue to work with leaders in our community to achieve this goal.

We recommit ourselves unequivocally to the pursuit of justice for all Americans, and to working together with our friends and neighbors in both the African-American and wider Multi-Cultural communities.

Ruth Stein,                            Michael Balanoff,                            Linda Alexander,

Chair of Board                      Community Relations Chair          President/CEO