Endowment – PACE Funds


WHAT IS PACE? An opportunity for you to “live forever” in our community.

A PACE gift creates a restricted endowment fund at the Jewish Community Foundation of CNY dedicated to endowing your Jewish Federation of CNY Annual Campaign gift.  Each year, into perpetuity, the Foundation will send a gift in the donor’s name to the Federation’s annual campaign, providing a legacy of tzedakah (caring, loving kindness and social justice) for generations to come.

Your commitment to the Syracuse Jewish community is evident in everything you do…. the responsibility you take, the care you give, and the traditions and values you teach. Now you can extend your commitment and inspire the next generation and generations after that. You can make a connection to the future. The Syracuse Jewish Federation Annual Campaign alone cannot secure the future of the Jewish community. Your Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment (PACE) gift can.

Why is PACE important?

Each year the income from PACE endowments jump-starts the Annual Campaign on its first day.  This growing financial resource is a buffer against downward cycles in the economy, and against the uncertainty of the level of support of future generations. Your commitment to secure the future of the Jewish people is a sacred covenant.  By endowing a PACE gift, you are teaching important values of leadership and responsibility to your family, friends and community.  Your gift will allow you to be there whenever help is needed – today, throughout your lifetime, and for generations to come.


Everyone can become a philanthropist and have his or her name listed on the Jewish Federation of CNY’s Honor Roll of donors forever.  While the Jewish Community Foundation of CNY requires a minimum gift of $10,000 to sponsor a named fund, many committed community members are not in a position to make a donation at that level, or to leave such a sum in their wills. But, they still would like to support our community into perpetuity.

In order to provide an opportunity for everyone to participate in the Federation’s endowment efforts, the Federation Board created a Community PACE Fund. These gifts will be pooled with other such gifts into the Community PACE Fund.  The minimum gift amount is $100.


Michael Balanoff, President/CEO of Federation: (315) 445-2040 ext. 130

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