Parashat Beshalach

Torah: Exodus 13:17-17:16 Haftarah: Judges 4:4-5:31 Haftarah for Sephardim: Judges 5:1-31

SHDS Tu-B’Shevat Adventure with Nature

Syracuse Hebrew Day School 5655 Thompson Road, Dewitt, NY

Join us for an exciting afternoon focused on the Jewish New Year for the Trees. Choose your path from classroom to classroom participating in engaging Tu B' Shevat activities. Then, […]

Parashat Yitro

Torah: Exodus 18:1-20:23 Haftarah: Isaiah 6:1-7:6, 9:5-6 Haftarah for Sephardim: Isaiah 6:1-13

Parashat Mishpatim

Torah: Exodus 21:1-24:18, 30:11-16 Haftarah: II Kings 12:1-17 | Shabbat Shekalim

Parashat Terumah

Torah: Exodus 25:1-27:19 Haftarah: I Kings 5:26-6:13

Parashat Tetzaveh

Torah: Exodus 27:20-30:10; Deuteronomy 25:17-19 Haftarah: I Samuel 15:2-34 | Shabbat Zachor

Purim Carnival

Jewish Commuity Center 5655 Thompson Road, Dewitt, NY

Purim Carnival