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Federation’s Tuition Incentive Program for the Syracuse Hebrew Day School

The Jewish Federation of Central New York recognizes the critical importance to our community of maintaining a vibrant Jewish day school. The immersive environment provides each child with the elementary foundation of Jewish values that we have treasured and developed as a people for thousands of years. Through a gift from the estate of Claire D. Selzer, the Federation has committed at least $200,000 to fund the Jewish Federation Tuition Incentive Program to assist families attending the Syracuse Hebrew Day School (SHDS). The goal is to help more of our community’s children to take advantage of this unparalleled educational experience.

The Enrollment Incentive is offered to new and existing family households.  Families enrolling their first or only child in SHDS will be reimbursed up to $7,500 (up to $5,000 the first year and up to $2,500 the second year).  Each enrolled sibling is eligible for up to $1,800 in tuition reimbursement over four years, payable at the rate of $450 per year per additional child enrolled.  All enrolled SHDS families are eligible to participate in the Referral Incentive.  An enrolled SHDS family (Jewish or non-Jewish) who refers a Jewish family enrolling in SHDS for the first time will receive an incentive of up to $1,800 paid over four years ($450 per year). Both the referring family and the new SHDS family must continue to maintain students enrolled in SHDS simultaneously in order for the referring family to receive the referral incentive.

Incentives are not need-based and are determined after SHDS tuition and financial aid is established. Incentives are limited to the total tuition actually paid by recipient families.

  • The program is open to current and new SHDS families who make an annual donation to the Jewish Federation of Central New York.
  • A family will be reimbursed up to $7,500 for their first child enrolled in SHDS.
  • A family will be reimbursed up to $1,800 for each additional child enrolled in SHDS.
  • An enrolled SHDS family who refers a new family that enrolls a child in SHDS will be reimbursed up to $1,800.

The Tuition Incentive Program application may be downloaded from the Federation here and from the Day School website.  For more information, contact Don Cronin at 315-445-2040 x 118 or