Supporting and Strengthening Our Jewish Homeland.

Israel Connections

Since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, the Jewish Federation of Central New York has worked to support and strengthen our Jewish homeland. We stand by Israel’s side. Always.

Despite Israel’s economic success, one in five Israeli families lives in poverty. We help to provide a safety net for most vulnerable, and we advocate for those in distress. And, when Israel is threatened, we are part of a network that mobilizes to come immediately to her aid.  The money we raise during times of crisis helps keeps Israelis safe during conflicts and funds post-trauma counseling for tens of thousands living on the front lines.

The Federation has also helped hundreds of thousands of young Jews forge a personal connection to Israel through programs like Taglit-Birthright Israel and local programs such as the Epstein School’s Teen Taste of Israel trip and the Israel Experience Grant Program.